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Films & Events

Filmmakers & Guests

The following filmmakers and industry guests are scheduled to attend the 14th annual Tallgrass Film Festival. Check back often for updates.

2016 Ad Astra Honoree

  • Heather Matarazzo, Ad Astra Honoree, Actress/Producer, WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE, GIRL FLU

2016 Filmmaker Advisory Board

  • Bradford Johnson
  • Justin Johnson
  • Eshom Nelms
  • Ian Nelms
  • Ingrid Serban
  • Justina Walford

Stubbornly Independent Jurors

  • Doug Klinger, Co-Founder, Internet Music Video Database
  • Richard Matson, Matson Films

2016 Feature Filmmakers

  • John Alexander, Director, BENDER
  • Ryland Aldrich, Producer, FOLK HERO & FUNNY GUY
  • Dorie Barton, Writer/Director, GIRL FLU
  • Andrew Becker, Co-Director, SANTOALLA
  • Jamie Boyle, Producer, JACKSON
  • Jenny Carchman, Director, ENLIGHTEN US
  • James Choi, Director, EMPTY SPACE
  • Beth Dewey, Writer/Director, ERASING EDEN
  • Justo Diaz, Writer, ERASING EDEN
  • Steve Elfers, Director, PUMPED DRY
  • Ty Flowers, Director, TIME SIMPLY PASSES
  • Charlie Flowers, Producer, TIME SIMPLY PASSES
  • Jeff Grace, Director, FOLK HERO & FUNNY GUY
  • Maxine Gray, Actress, KING KUNG FU
  • Aaron Greer, Co-Director/Producer, SERVICE TO MAN
  • J.C. Guest, Producer, BENDER
  • Sara Goldblatt, Writer/Producer, DR. FEELGOOD: DEALER OR HEALER
  • Alexander Koehne, Co-Producer, FOLK HERO & FUNNY GUY
  • Eric Juhola, Director, GROWING UP COY
  • Edouard Korvin, Composer, BENDER
  • Noah Lang, Producer, HERE ALONE, DIVERGE
  • Johnny Ma, Writer/Director, OLD STONE
  • Eve Marson, Director/Producer, DR. FEELGOOD: DEALER OR HEALER
  • Tim McGill, KING KUNG FU
  • Grace McKeaney, Actor, BENDER
  • Alex Megaro, Producer, DRIFTWOOD
  • Daniel Mehrer, Co-Director, SANTOALLA
  • Heather Morris, Actress, FOLK HERO & FUNNY GUY
  • James Morrison, Director, DIVERGE
  • Jesse Nesser, Director, WALK WITH ME: THE TRIALS OF DAMON J. KEITH
  • David Ninh, Outreach Coordinator, GROWING UP COY
  • Seth Panitch, Writer/Co-Director, SERVICE TO MAN
  • James Richardson, TIME SIMPLY PASSES
  • Brett Schwartz, Writer/Director, INSATIABLE
  • Alex Shaffer, Cast, DELINQUENT
  • Alicia Slimmer, Writer/Director, CREEDMORIA
  • Levi Smock, Co-Writer/Producer, DELINQUENT
  • Paul Taylor, Writer/Director, DRIFTWOOD
  • Kieran Valla, Co-Writer/Director, DELINQUENT
  • Bob Waltersheid, Producer, KING KUNG FU
  • Blayne Weaver, Actor/Director/Writer, CUT TO THE CHASE
  • Conrad Weaver, Director, THIRSTY LAND
  • Aaron Woolf, Producer: TO BE A MISS

Short Filmmakers

  • R.G. Miller, Director, THE CAVES OF THE VAMPIRES
  • Hazart, Directors, TITLE AND WALK WITH ME
  • Brett Jones, Director, SCARLETT
  • Melissa Hart, Producer, SCARLETT
  • Ron Sylvester, Director, APOLLO 13: THE SPIRIT THAT BUILT AMERICA
  • Jen Fineran, Director, THE INVISIBLE WORLD
  • Mark Weiss, Subject, THE INVISIBLE WORLD
  • Steve Hebert, Director, THE STORY OF FATHER KAPAUN
  • Joe Dellasega, Producer, THE STORY OF FATHER KAPAUN
  • Noam Osband, Director, RADICAL JEW
  • Kenneth McLaughlin, Director, KANSAS SUNSHINE
  • Ellen Crispin, Director, KING
  • Torin Andersen, Producer, KING
  • Rodrick Pocowatchit, Director, OTHER
  • Nolan Cubero, Director, ELLIS
  • Cameron Lawrence and Cole Campbell, Directors, IMAGINEM
  • Andrew Kivett, Director, TWO FAR GONE
  • Aaron Lette, Actor, TWO FAR GONE
  • Naythan Smith, Director, BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME
  • Mu Sun, Director, SING FOR YOUR SUPPER
  • Damien Patrik, Director, STALKERZ and IN THE BLINK
  • Robert Brogden, Director, OTHER PARTS OF SELF
  • Julian Garcia, Director of Photography, OTHER PARTS OF SELF
  • Doug Armknecht, Director, THE LAROSH HARVEST LEGACY
  • Kate Gondwe, Director, THE PUPPET LADY
  • Lillie Soloman, Subject, THE PUPPET LADY
  • David Theroux, Producer, LOVE GOV: FROM FIRST DATE TO MANDATE
  • Mary Theroux, Producer, LOVE GOV: FROM FIRST DATE TO MANDATE

Special Guests

  • Andrea Allen, Filmmaker
  • Jon Gann, Film Festival Alliance
  • Amy Nicholson, Chief Film Critic, MTV