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Galas & Special Presentations

Opening Night Gala: FOLK HERO & FUNNY GUY
Wednesday, October 12, 7:00pm, Orpheum
Presented by Steve Anderson

DIRECTOR: Jeff Grace USA | 2016 | 1h 28m

A successful singer-songwriter hatches a plan to help his friend’s struggling comedy career and broken love life by hiring him as the opening act on his tour. Starring Wyatt Russel and Alex Karpovsky (GIRLS).

*Writer/Director Jeff Grace, Producer Ryland Aldrich, and Actress Heather Morris scheduled to attend.

Preceded by: HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT IN FOUR STEPS d. Benjamin Berman | USA | 2016 | 7m

Followed by the Opening Night Gala Party at The Wichita Boathouse | 515 S. Wichita
Take a road trip! Drinks, including craft beer from Tallgrass Brewing Company, eats, and entertainment from DJ Carbon. $25 for film and party. Get Tickets >

Thursday Night Spotlight: MAD TIGER
October 13, 8:45pm, Orpheum

DIRECTORS: Jonathan Yi, Michael Haertlein Japan, USA | 2016 | 1h 22m

Two Japanese best friends spend fifteen years touring the United States with their performance art, punk band Peelander-Z. When one of them decides to quit, they both face deeper challenges than expected. $10 GA. Get Tickets >

Preceded by: NIMBI
d. Colin Garcia | Canada, USA | 2015 | 15m* F

*Followed by a performance by Peelander-Z at Barleycorn’s.

TALLGRASS AT BARLEYCORN’S | 608 E. Douglas | THU. OCT. 13 11:00 PM
Join fest goers for a live performance from Peelander-Z, stars of the film MAD TIGER . Enjoy a Tallgrass Brewing Company Tap Invasion and Beer Specials. Free for TALLPass holders. $5 with any 2016 Tallgrass ticket stub. $7 GA. Open to the public. 

Centerpiece Gala: OLD STONE
Friday, October 14, 8:00pm, Orpheum
Presented by Rick & Monica Nutt

China, Canada | 2016 | 1h 20m, Mandarin with English subtitles

A Chinese taxi driver finds himself plunged into a Kafkaesque nightmare where no good deed goes unpunished.

* Writer/Director Johnny Ma scheduled to attend.

Preceded by: ONE MAN (UN SEUL HOMME) | d. Philippe Gregoire | USA | 2016 | 13m

Followed by Centerpiece Gala Party | Union Station | 701 E. Douglas
illuminAsian! Drinks, including craft beer from Tallgrass Brewing Company, eats from Rain Cafe & Lounge, and entertainment from The Phantastics. $25 for film and party. Get Tickets >

Stubbornly Independent Gala: DELINQUENT
Saturday, October 15, 8:00pm, Scottish Rite
Presented by Vimeo

DIRECTOR: Kieran Valla USA | 2015 | 1h 37m

A troubled teenager struggles to manage the fall-out of a family robbery gone wrong. * Producer/Co-Writer Levi Smock and Actor Alex Shaffer scheduled to attend.

Preceded by: THE FIFTH SENSE | d. Landon Barton | USA/Wichita, KS | 2016 | 6m

Followed by Stubbornly Independent Gala Party | Pop-Up Urban Park | 121 E. Douglas Game Night! Drinks, including craft beer from Tallgrass Brewing Company, eats, and entertainment from DJ Superwolf. $25 for film and party. Get Tickets >

Ad Astra Presentation: WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE, Film & Conversation
Sunday, October 16, 3:30pm, Orpheum

DIRECTOR: Todd Solondz USA | 1995 | 1h 28m

An unattractive seventh grader struggles to cope with inattentive parents, snobbish classmates, a smart older brother, an attractive younger sister, and her own insecurities in suburban New Jersey.

The Ad Astra presentation will be followed by a conversation with actress Heather Matarazzo follows the film. $10 GA Get Tickets >

Closing Night Gala & Awards Ceremony: GIRL FLU
Sunday, October 16, 6:30pm, Orpheum
Sponsored by Emprise Bank

DIRECTOR: Dorie Barton USA | 2016 | 1h 32m

12-year-old Bird experiences the worst week of her life while having to deal with the onset of puberty and the adolescence of her free-spirited mother.

* Actress Heather Matarazzo and Writer/Director Dorie Barton scheduled to attend.

Preceded by Awards Ceremony and: THE DYNAMIC DOUBLE STANDARD | d. Luke Patton | USA | 2015 | 5m

Closing Night Party | Wichita Art Museum | 1400 W. Museum Blvd. Drinks, including craft beer from Tallgrass Brewing Company, eats, and entertainment from The Arnold Palmers. $25 for film and party. Get Tickets >