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Music at the Festival

Tallgrass is proud to feature these local, regional, national and international acts as part of the festival's entertainment lineup. VIP TALLPass holders have access to all musicians. Tallgrass at Barleycorn's is open to the public.

The Arnold Palmer Band – The Wichita group try to keep in line with their namesake. Inspired by the citrusy tee-time beverage, The Arnold Palmer Band mixes pop with jazz for a deliciously refreshing and flavorful treat. (Closing Night Gala)

DJ Carbon – James “DJ Carbon” Bobetsky continues to innovate and elevate his art form as one of Wichita’s premier DJ’s. Known for his “off-the-beaten-path” pop and hip-hop blends, DJ Carbon often raises the bar, incorporating musicians in his live sets. (Opening Night Gala)

DJ Superwolf – James Trotter, better known to audiophiles as DJ Superwolf, spins a dj set filled to the brim with eclectic soul, ultra-funk and even more rare R&B selections, packaged and delivered in a way that can only be done by a Superwolf. (Stubbornly Independent Gala)

Emily Strom - Journalist, Miss Kansas 2008 and songwriter, Emily Strom is a considerable Kansas talent. Emily left television to put her focus into her piano full-time, amassing a vast library of pop repertoire as one of Ernie Biggs dueling pianist. (VIP)

Jim Vegas BandJim Vegas is a long-standing staple of the Tallgrass Film Festival and the light at the end of a swinging blues/rock tunnel. The classically trained Colorado howler offers elements of all things rock, blues and then some. (VIP Centerpiece Soiree)

Nathan Williams Quintet – Taking notes from very technical predecessors like Davis, Mingus, Coltrane and Monk, The Nathan Williams Quintet know the roots of jazz like the back roads to home, often navigating them under the influence of modern pop sensibility.  (VIP)

Scott Allan Knost
 - World-traveling singer/songwriter Scott Alan Knost has taken his silky croon, sonic prowess and long time companion Guinevere (his faithful Takamine acoustic) to each side of the United States and abroad, including audiences in Southeast Asia. (VIP Garden Party)

Peelander-Z – Founders of Atomic Punk, Japan’s Peelander-Z take live shows to another level. The group fuse sing-along pop-punk hooks with off kilter crowd participation activities like impromptu rhythm sections and human bowling. (Tallgrass at Barleycorn's)

The Phantastics – A 7-piece funk machine called The Phantastics absorb the vitality of their Kansas City blues and jazz history and synthesize it as rays of menacingly irresistible genre blending dance music to anyone in earshot. (Centerpiece Gala)

The Travel Guide – Somewhere between power-pop and shoegaze lives a band called The Travel Guide. The band’s bouncy, delayed and distorted 2-guitar riffs and energetic live shows have solidified their name in the ICT rock history books. (Tallgrass at Barleycorn's)

Jenny Wood & Michael Peltzer - Having been referred to as the ‘crying violin’ of vocalists, electric guitarist/rock singer Jenny Wood has spent the last ten years fine tuning audience manipulation with her voice, curating a truth-hungry and anthematic sound that quietly sits on your shoulder and only screams in your weakest hours. (VIP Sunday Supper)